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How to improve mobile application form design

Mobile application table single of particularity, can maximum of upgrade table single design of experience, upgrade efficiency, improve satisfaction degrees, author will from clear of Visual longitudinal line, and information of group, and extreme of subtraction, and using select instead of entered, and label and the text of arrangement way, and relies on expressly confirmed password, and reasonable of keyboard using, and check of small secret this eight a dimension degrees to share I of mobile application table single design cheats.
information group
form items are not listed from the top to the bottom is OK, but to go through the information, the same kind of form can be put together, when the form is too long, can be split into different groups, so that when users fill out, similar to the dismantling of a task, you can group a set of complete.
where login and registration are two completely different, so do a significant group in the layout, if the user wants to log on, concentrate on filling out is OK, if you want to register, you need to click on the register button, and go to a new interface to complete the operation.
When you fill out the information, if all listed information will naturally have a greater burden, but if the press group to fill, each group has only 2 to 3, will feel less pressure.
those unwanted information, simply get rid of it. Those needs, but of low frequency information, you can hide, through an entry can be added.
If you only require a user to fill in basic information, all other information can be hidden in an entry when the user when needed, can be found.
clear of Visual longitudinal line
user in browse information of when, if no enough more of stressed elements, will from Shang to Xia, from left to right of browse, Web end is a "f" type sight, mobile end more often is "l" type sight (navigation and important operation often in bottom), so if you of table single of Visual browse order, meet this "l" type law, basically on meet user of psychological expected, not need any of looking for, any of thinking, You can finish simple and efficient implementation of the form items to fill out and submit.
users concerned about the username input box, renewed concerns over the password input box, then automatically find the login button.
a form has three basic components: form labels: it contains the form data by using the CGI program's URL and the method of submitting data to the server. BACK

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