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Corporate Web site select the keywords you want to have those requirements

Enterprise to let customer more easy found himself, had to do keywords optimization, keywords optimization is network marketing promotion of important part, it main is using search engine platform to expanded enterprise of exposure rate, let customer through search engine access enterprise of website, as long as customer came to enterprise of website, that next is may contributed to business Shang of cooperation, so keywords optimization for enterprise development network marketing is very important of.
that keywords is what does, it and has which features does
in search engine optimization in the, keywords is enterprise wants to let himself of website was customer found of phrases, because customer in using search engine of when, are is entered phrases for search of, if enterprise of keywords including in target customer search of range within, that enterprise on has may will was customer found, enterprise to wants to customer using to himself of keywords for search, that will select good keywords.
enterprise in select keywords need note of problem many, which keywords of features is must to consider in of, following on and everyone share keywords should has which features:
1, and target keywords to streamlined
Enterprise website of target keywords best is noun or phrases and must to streamlined, general situation Xia can with 2-4 a word constitute best, because search engine not like and long and complex of keywords.
2, targeted keywords homepage title
targeted keywords must be placed to the Home title, title of Baidu search engine on the Web very seriously, if title is not made up of targeted keywords, it would be a very expensive thing.
3, target keywords is the core content of the Web site
site's main content should focus on targeted keywords, because users tend to search targeted keywords the site's product and service requirements, or interested in website content. BACK

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