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Company has no website what disadvantages

No enterprise information integration vector
believes that the traditional carriers are printed brochure, due to the limited color pages of information and timely updating of information cannot be met, and subject to the influence of modes of transmission. So slowly being replaced by Web site, the site's basic function is to a comprehensive and detailed introduction enterprise culture and enterprise products. Businesses can want users to know any information on the website, by site admin to update content anytime, anywhere. And easy to spread, you only need the Web address on business cards to clients, doing all kinds of ads and Web sites (not just Internet advertising), on display in various activities, Web site.
seriously affecting corporate image, unable to win in the face of customer choice
working life serious depends on networks of today, if the company hasn't set up their own site on the Web, then in the face of customer information when evaluating the choice would seriously disadvantage over the network instead of a rich product introduction and case presentation website will give customers a sense of trust. Be sure you are discarded when the customer choice, because now the Internet is the most cost-efficient access to information, you can't stop your customers through the Internet check your and competitor information.
and the site has become an essential tool for enterprise development, if in addition to contact information on your business card, Office address, and printed on business sites, from customer point of view is not the strength of performance, this will seriously affect the image.
potential customer cannot through network find related products keywords found you
due to website contains large of products keywords information, cover has you of main business and main products, large potential customer group through search engine retrieved products name keywords, from search results click into you of website, and on you of company and the products for in-depth understand, to active and you left in website Shang of contact people for chat. If you don't have a website, which sit on business opportunities will be impossible to set up.
cannot at any time and customer established no obstacles of information passed
If established has website, potential customer through a species way has know has you of Web site, like you sent of card, or advertising, or through network find keywords, dang customer in need understand you of related products or enterprise information of when, can anytime, anywhere of through Web site access you of website, understand you of products and brand culture. Web site serves as a salesman for 24 hours without rest, call. And you product updates, as well as news updates and promotions, are also potential customer concerns in a timely manner. No website is not barrier-free communication.
online brand image of the website represents the image of enterprises, the main way people understand a business on the Internet is to visit the company's Web site, Web sites specializing in the direct influence of the construction of enterprise's brand image, but also have a direct impact on other features of the site. BACK

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